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Interior design concept


Harmonious Heritage:

A Modern Home within a Historic Shell

The clients purchased an old village house slated for demolition, with the vision to construct a new, modern home around the framework of the original structure. The architectural challenge was to deconstruct the old home gradually while simultaneously constructing the new home, ensuring structural integrity and blending old charm with modern aesthetics.

Modern materials such as Artificial stone and glass were integrated to enhance the home’s functionality and energy efficiency, providing structural strength and a contemporary aesthetic that complemented the older elements.

The renovation project repurposed the original old bricks from the demolished parts of the house. These bricks were carefully cut along their longer side to reduce their thickness. This method not only preserved the material's historical value but also adapted it for improved functional use.

The interior design reflected a rustic character through modern interpretations, featuring minimalist designs with rustic finishes, striking a balance between the traditional and the contemporary. A consistent palette of materials and colors bridged the old with the new, evoking a sense of harmony and continuity.

Beneath the layer of thinly cut bricks, a modern underfloor heating system was installed.The bricks absorb heat from the underfloor heating system and release it slowly, maintaining a stable indoor temperature for longer periods.

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