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Volha Belevets is a professional contemporary artist from Belarus currently based in the Canary Islands.

Volha was born in Minsk, Belarus. After she got an architectural university degree she has been working as an architect and designer for many years.

In 2016, Volha moved to the island of Tenerife and completely devoted herself to painting.

Volha regularly participates in international competitions and projects. In her opinion, this is the great incentive for creativity and self-improvement. Her work has been presented in Italy, Spain, the United States, Indonesia, India, Albania, Kosovo and South Africa. Volha has repeatedly received awards for participation in competitions.

Throughout her creative career, Volha has been experimenting with various techniques. Currently, she is working in her own style, which accurately reflects her inner world the most. With this unique style Volha can express richly her emotional vibes and life's attitude.

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