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Quick Drawing Contest

Taücho Delight: A Recipe for a Colorful Journey


1. 1 charming village, Taücho

2. A sprinkle of winding streets from a Google map

3. Generous portions of festive decorations

4. A cheerful artist, infused with creativity


- Begin with a picturesque Taücho village, nestled on a sun-kissed hillside.

- Sprinkle in a handful of winding streets, artfully taken from a Google map, creating a delightful maze.

- Add an abundance of festive decorations to the main square, infusing the atmosphere with a joyous spirit.

- Introduce a vibrant artist, inspired and filled with a sense of celebration.

- Blend all the ingredients together, allowing the village, streets, decorations, and artist to merge harmoniously.

- Witness the magic unfold—a radiant sunlit landscape, reminiscent of a kaleidoscopic pattern.

- And don't forget, all artworks are crafted with a touch of red underpainting, adding an extra layer of charm.

Indeed, it turned out quite conceptual, but overall resembles a natural landscape. Oh, I forgot to mention that I received the second prize and a cash reward.

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